REIN – The Réseau Européen pour l’INsertion Sociale et Professionnelle des Personnes Défavorisées

The REIN network was established in 1993. Its creation is the result of cooperation of international partners within the framework of the programme HORIZON of the European Social Funds.

The first President of the network was Roland Hauswald (France) with Mauro Sbolgi (Belgium).

The founders of the REIN Network prepared statutes, which have contained their postulates regarding cooperation and development of social issues related to disadvantaged target groups (link here).

We …

  • we support European cooperation in the social field, we help to develop methods and tools for the integration and inclusion of disadvantaged target groups;
  • we evaluate the proposals for your/our projects; when members have an idea, we develop the project ideas together. We’re acting in all European programme lines;
  • we will organize and conduct training financed from the different programmes;
  • we develop desk researches concerning social economy and social policy in EU;
  • we give support as evaluators in European projects;
  • we help our members to disseminate and mainstream the results of European projects;