Conditions for membership in the REIN network:

Admission conditions:

  1. Official letter for admission to the president.
  2. If you are from a country which is represented as member in the network you need the support and approval of this partner.
  3. If you are a partner from a non-represented country in our network you need to come a General Assembly and to present your organization. Then the official assembly will decide.
  4. We also need the statutes and approval of your organization in your country.
  5. You have to accept our REIN statutes.


Conditions/obligations/possibilities for/of members

  1. Accepting financial and regulatory condition of the statutes of REIN.
  2. 300,-€/a for organizations from EU member states.
  3. 150,-€/a for organizations from East-Europe and associated countries like Albania or Turkey, etc.)
  4. 50,-€/a for private members. The number of private members cannot exceed 40% of the members.
  5. Active participation in the General Assemblies and the internal Blog of REIN.
  6. You can publish your offers (seminars, workshops, fairs, projects, ideas, partner search, etc.) in our network.